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A Day with Shopify-Seller Drive-s bit to Shopify Community

Team Seller Drive | 23 November, 2017

Shopify organized an event “A Day with Shopify” on November 3, 2017, at Bengaluru that was
a one-day conference dedicated to networking, learning, and celebrating our ever-growing
Shopify Partner Ecosystem.
Seller Drive was part of this massive event that attracted all the Shopify partners across
the globe – an event that focussed on peer collaboration and connection. Attendees
came from the UK and Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Spain,
Italy, Iceland, Ukraine, and even as far as Canada to learn from their peers, share
stories, and hear directly from top Shopify officials.
Mr. Brijendra Dharampuria, Founder of Seller Drive, a brand by Cliff
Ecommerce & IT Pvt. Ltd. got an opportunity to be part of their lightning Talks; a
platform where he shared his invaluable experience of being part of Shopify, actionable
advice and how Indian Sellers gained growth opportunities navigating their path to
He is a speaker who cannot go by the books, full of energy, ideas that compels him to be
hands-free. He started the conversation with the introduction covering how Shopify
ecosystem is connecting the Ecommerce industry and its impact in India. He shared his
experience of working with 3000+ Amazon Sellers and how our initiation is aiding them
to create a new Sales Channel through Shopify.
Shopify has become an intense part of many associated Sellers; their own
brand identity – an opportunity to connect with their buyers directly gaining trust
and confidence is awesome. Mr. Dharampuria invited all the members of the Shopify
Ecosystem to collaborate together in order to expand Shopify’s reach in India to bring
all the sellers inboard.
The lightning talk, experience, and skills shared by Mr. Dharampuria were highly
appreciated by the partners that brought them one step closer to expand the Shopify
community especially in India; not to forget that there are 500,000 merchants on
Shopify alone.
With Shopify, merchants are getting an immense opportunity to gain ecommerce
experience needed today, and tomorrow. Now is the time to take control of your
business’s future!