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"Amazon- I Have Space" - Sellers Get Ready this Festival!

Team Seller Drive | 30 August, 2017

With the grand success of the Amazon’s recently launched ‘I Have Space’ program
countrywide, Amazon decided to expand the program with the inclusion of about
thousands different store owners to deliver its packages, as revealed by an official speaker
of the Amazon Group. According to Ashwini Samraj, speaker of the company, “Currently,
the program covers approximately 12,500 stores in 180 different cities and a huge
proportion of logistics’ volume of the Amazon Group in every city, where it is there”.
As per this program, Amazon India Group will partner with the owners of various local
stores to provide both pickup and delivery services to every customer of different cities
located within the radius of 2km to 4km of their stores. Ashwini further said, “Amazon set
up with approximately 2,500 stores during the year 2015 and succeeded to grow up to
12,500. In this way, the company has succeeded in unlocking the overall potential of store
owners and allowed them in supplementing their regular income, while simultaneously in
generating large numbers of footballs in the stores.”
Store partners deliver about 30 to 40 packages in a single day and thereby, succeed to earn
a fixed and a big amount of a single delivery. Moreover, the program remains open to each
store owner, who has the ability to deliver a two wheeler or on foot service. The largest
expansion will take place at the time of Diwali, when Amazon sales become tool much high
in terms of its volume.