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Best Strategies to List Your Products on Amazon

Team Seller Drive | 22 November, 2017

increasing conversions on the Amazon list.
Title of Your Product List
Title is obviously an important element associated with your product details page in
Amazon. Title tells potential clients about your product, its functions and features. Despite,
Amazon demands a short, to the point and a descriptive title; it allows e-commerce site
owners to create product titles within 150 and 250 characters.
Thus, you will get a plenty of space to include keywords, which will help in ranking your
product and allow terms buyers to use while searching for the type of products.
Particularly, you should include the following important elements in the title-
 Name of a particular product
 Brand name
 Any special feature, such as its usability, size or color
Images as Emotional Recognition Tools
Images also constitute one of the critical importance area associated with product details
page of Amazon. Images in fact allow any shopper to click on one’s product listing or to
continue with scrolling among products. If you want to capture the interest of your buyers
and allow them to land on the product page, you have to dedicate your valuable time and
put your efforts for using high quality images for the product.
Amazon Product Image Rules
Amazon demands the main image of any product should include only the one that you have
to sell and that to on a white colored background. This allows the search results on
shopping portal of Amazon to appear in uncluttered, clear and uniform way.
Amazon tests everything minutely and based on its test results, they identified that
displaying of products against plain white background allows the arrival of relatively large
numbers of visitors to the website. In addition, your main image should never include any
accessory associated with image action shots, models, badge or text. Other than the main
image, Amazon allows you to place other images as secondary images, which include-
 Product from its different angles, such as top, side and close up

 Back portion of the product label
 Images of the product in-action
 Images intended to list the features present in your product or compare it with
 Text/charts and other related valuable information with the images
 Images highlighting the size of product than hold by a person
Amazon Bullet Points to Finalize the Deal
Amazon allows any e-commerce storeowner to highlight the specialties about their product
offers in the form of bullet points. Here, you get five spaces for the bullet points, but that
never implies that you remain confined to only five sentences or five words. Storeowners
may opt to maximize the usage of bullet points should use a small paragraph consisting of 2
to 4 sentences, while focus on benefits and features of the product. Here, you may opt to
address any common objection or question, which may cause unwillingness among any
individual to buy.