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Best Strategies to Protect Your Brand & Listing over Amazon

Brijendra Dharampuria | 03 March, 2018

Amazon Marketplace has recently proved to be a boon for a large number of E-commerce stores wants to boost sales, explore their brands and make money with the help of internet. However, the same marketplace has a major problem i.e. on any day, about thousands of third-party sellers intend to capitalize based on arbitrage and selling of products listed by other people, while some of them do not follow the rules.

According to the idea of Amazon Group, as a seller, you should list your products on the marketplace to make them available freely for other people to sell. In this way, more number of sellers will result in higher competition and huge volumes of transaction, while give opportunity to Amazon to cut on every made purchases.

However, other than genuine sellers, there are many hijackers (unethical sellers/unauthorized sellers), who instead of following Amazon Marketplace rules simply put efforts to piggyback off the product offerings of other E-commerce stores to earn money quickly.

The main problem in this case is that Amazon hijackers not only hurt your product listings or your sales, but also your brand. Hence, you have to focus on the following four ways to safeguard your listings and your brands on Amazon.

Brand Registry

If you incorporate a standardized character mark registered duly with Patent and Trademark Office, you may simply choose to sign up in the new Brand Registry Program organized by Amazon. This accelerates the way of dealing with various intellectual property complaints, which you file with the help desk of Amazon Marketplace. Main objective of Brand Registry is to flush out all unauthorized sellers, who intend to usurp specific elements present in your brand.

Brand Gating

Brand Gating refers to the extension of Brand Registry, which actually put restrictions on various sellers, who may access the listings of your product. However, not all of the sellers or all items are able to take part in this program. Instead, Amazon allows only some specific product categories and those sellers paying a non-refundable application fee of maximum 5,000 dollars. Moreover, third parties categorized as Top Sellers are able to carry their products listed in the database of Brand Gating.

Manual Monitoring of Sales

If you sell limited numbers of products via Amazon, you may keep a track on sales from the activity page and identify the presence of unauthorized sellers by your own efforts. You have to do this for 2 times in a day and simultaneously, make sure to check reviews left by other shoppers about the seller performance and your products. However, this method is beneficial only for limited product listings and/or brands, once you get a large number of listed products, you would likely face difficulty in managing your products’ list.

Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

If an E-commerce store owner has 10 or more than 10 different products containing unique identification numbers as per Amazon Standard, you should choose for Real-Time Monitoring Solution that provides you notifications on a real-time basis about your sales activities as per the subscriptions.