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Boost Your Christmas Sale on Amazon with These Hot Selling Tips

Team Seller Drive | 14 December, 2017

Christmas always brings a plenty of happiness in the live of people belonging to different
parts of the world. Even the festival comes with a pool of opportunity for online sellers to
boost their sales on Amazon, a leading shopping platform globally. However, it has become
very much essential for every Amazon seller to follow a few important selling tips, as
mentioned in this blog post.
Provide free shipping whenever it is Possible
If you sell small items, such as utensils, movies, books, jewelry or any other similar item,
addition of free shipping facility nearby the Christmas festival would be an excellent way to
entice many new customers.
Promotion of Specific Products
Online sellers may easily find Amazon Product Ads option. This section helps in
highlighting specific items in the inventory. The best thing in this case is that you only have
to pay for each click on the advertisement you place and not a commission amount
associated with any item. In addition, promotion of specific products consistently comes
with highest possible rates of conversion among other advertisements placed on Amazon.
However, the key to achieve success involves in staying selective about the products to
promote online.
Add Your Colorful Christmas Flair
You may use various widgets available on Amazon to customize your Amazon product
page. This will help in drawing the attention of people, who may dazzle via innovative
features and enticing colors. In fact, a page with pizzazz and color combination will
definitely help you to stand out from a huge crowd and grab the attention of your shoppers.
Only you should be selective with colors.
Focus on Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Down-Sell
Next, you should focus on each of three tactics, which include
 Cross Sell
Placement of two opposite products close to one another to allow your buyers in viewing
the way, in which pairs interact with one another
 Up Sell
You may push any expensive product by pointing out that buyers will spend relatively less
for per unit or get high value for the money.

 Down Sell
Down-sell option constitutes the last resort. This is because; it involves selling of something
at low price, so that you may easily achieve sales. Despite the ultimate goal to acquire new
customer does not change, you may not compromise the bottom line excessively.
Manage Inventories Smartly
Last, but not the least, it is essential for you to manage your inventories smartly i.e. you
should make sure to keep enough items in your stock to meet the sudden increase in
demand during festivals.