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Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

Team Seller Drive | 12 January, 2018

Whether you own a small business or a big company, you have to stay active on various social
media platforms to retain your strong online presence and meet the interests of your brand.
However, social media for webmasters and online ventures is somewhat a different kettle of fish.
Hence, in order to deal with it successfully, you have to use few creative ideas to fill the social
wall of your organization in hassle free manner.
Milestones of Your Company and Employees
Highlighting human side of your business by celebrating the achievements of your company or
success of your employees constitutes few of the best ways to give your followers strong reasons
to collect information and show relatively higher interest to your organization.
Listicles, as the name suggests it consists of top 5, top 10 or top 15 list of anything related to your
operational sector, industry and/or organization. These posts not only act as fun positing
options, but also act as efficient ways to get involvement from the target audience. In addition,
Listicles also help online businesses to provide their subscribers with valuable pieces of
information and at the same time, reassure that following your social media page is a wise
decision for them.
Promotion of Influencers and Thought Leaders
Now, you have to go for a relatively more calculated move in your upcoming social media post. If
you think there is any shaker or an industry mover, from whom your target audience would
receive higher values by following them (other than your competitor), you should make sure to
mention about them in your post. Most of the social media sites often send them notifications
about tagging them and this may prompt to return towards a particular favor.
Organize a Competition
Almost every individual likes to get free stuffs. When you choose to organize a competition, you
will find a sure-fire means to achieve relatively higher exposure, specifically, if the competition
involves Share, Like and/or Retweet to enter. In this case, the prize should not necessarily be
any big amount. Instead, it should be anything exciting and simultaneously, contain a middling
value, such as a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, movie tickets or gym membership for a month or
anything similar. It will give you the best possible return on your made investments for all
willing to try for it.
Asking Questions
Webmasters may get very good value via their own social media accounts by simply asking a few
questions to target audience. Here, you may ask for opinions on any of your new products or
services, get an idea about type of corporate event, which your audience may like to attend.
Facebook and any other similar type of social media platform has a handy polling feature to
collate as well as review of data in simple and easy way.

Therefore, whenever you have to consider about social media posts, you have to keep in mind a
common thing that variety brings spice and excitement of life. If you opt to limit your posts
excessively, your audience will lose interest.