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Essential Tips to Avoid Amazon A-Z Claims

Team Seller Drive | 12 December, 2017

A to Z guarantee claims or A-Z Claims acts as the last resort for any customer wants to
settle his or her grievance with various Amazon sellers. In simple words, it constitutes a
reimbursement program to cater to customers, whose expectations failed to fulfill from
sellers. In this way, the program guarantees to customers that Amazon Group and its
sellers remain fully attentive to the concerns and intend to resolve the problems related to
various customer orders. When customers place their orders, they-
 Expect to receive guaranteed purchase on paying their money
 Make plans related to scrutinizing their received products and test the necessary
 Expect refunds and returns on products within the mentioned period
A to Z guarantee claim is useful when any seller or buyer fails to conclude anything on their
own efforts.
How Sellers May Avoid these Claims
Amazon sellers should aim to receive the least possible numbers of A-Z claims, as
increasing numbers of claims may result in suspension of their accounts and even lead to
account termination in some of the cases. For this, sellers should take following steps to
avoid or reduce the claims and at the same time, maintain their status.
Communicate with Buyers
Online sellers should essentially setup healthy relationship with customers. This leads to
easy communication and allows sellers to persuade simply their buyers before they ask for
refunds. For this, you may give space to write thank you note or request for a feedback in
your package. This helps customers to know about valuing their opinions and thereby, set
up a healthy communication with sellers.
Subscription to Easy Ship and Amazon’s Runway Programs
Easy Ship service of Amazon makes sure to take proper care of any product delivery and
intend to resolve the related issues. However, Amazon does not cover return shipping;
instead, sellers have to arrange for it on their own. After this, in case of various runaway
programs, Amazon shopping platform deals with each query and issue raised by different
buyers. Thus, inclusion of disputes pertaining to Easy ship related orders will help in the
elimination of any A-Z guarantee claim. 
Involve in Proactive Refunding

Proactive Refunding approach leads to the most buyer and seller-friendly outcome. This
approach mandates sellers to resolve claims in no time with prompt investigations in case
of any requirement. In case the claim is because of any mistake committed from seller side,
he may directly give refund to the customer, while Amazon does not grant the respective
claim from buyer side.
Make Sure of Prompt Responses
Most of the A-Z claims is because of the delay in responses to the emails of customers and
sometimes, even because of failure in giving response. In case the communication aspect of
a customer is too much to deal with, sellers should arrange a team to interact with
customers and give concern to their requirements.
Stay Aware of Shipping and Packaging Methods
Sellers should make sure to stay fully aware of packaging and shipping methods providing
to their customers. This means, they should check every item before shipping it to their
customers. Vendors may even get fulfillment services from Amazon Group for the expert
level of order shipping and processing.
Give Concern to the Basics
Most of the times, product images, product details and other simple things may cause
confusion in the minds of buyers. In this situation, it is essential for sellers to follow the
necessary marketplace guidelines to give the necessary information to sellers and thereby,
allow buyers to come up with appropriate decisions, while avoid any claim in opposition to
the sellers.