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Growth Opportunities for Amazon Sellers in 2017

Team Seller Drive | 27 July, 2017

Are you looking for innovative ways to boost your sales on Amazon for the upcoming
months in 2017? If yes, you should just give your time to know few of the quick yet
essential tips to achieve it, as mentioned in our blog post.
Focus on Private Branded/Private Label Products is Essential
Private label or private branded products refer to all those designed or offered by a
particular company for offer under the brand of any other company. Its key benefits
 Private branding allows custom tailoring of both packaging and product labels to
meet individual specifications. These include name of a product, its description, logo
of a company and respective contact information.
 Private labeling gives relatively higher control on available pricing strategies.
 It lets retailers to formulate marketing plans of their own to achieve better control
on stocks and inventories.
 Since private brands give higher margins, so it creates a pool of opportunities to
earn profit.
 Private branding helps retailers to create their own personalized image to promote
strong brand or customer loyalty.
Focus on Amazon Business Seller Program
Amazon Business Seller program gives sellers with countless features to help in the growth
of their sales in Amazon Business, which include the following-
 Ability to provide products to make easily available to business customers
 Changes related to search activities, which help in finding of the products easily
 Features related to price and payment, which help in simplifying of the buying
procedure from individuals in large quantities.
 Automation of tax exemption on various qualified purchases from each seller, who
participate in the program of Amazon Tax Exemption.
 To claim on diversity, quality and ownership credentials, which help in
differentiating of business-to- business customers
Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
Amazon Enhanced Brand Content will help brand registered sellers to highlight the unique
value proposition associated with different types of products based on enhanced text and
image placements.

 Integration of Rich Media Contents
Enhanced Brand Content is the excellent way to integrate rich media contents of Amazon
into its descriptions without the usage of HTML. Rich content includes mixed and
formatted media to allow brands to become highly engaging and interesting.
 Highlights Brand Story
With the help of Enhanced Brand Content, you will be able to explain your brand story and
highlight the ways, by which your customers find your products, as different and explain all
those things, which make your brand the best. With the help of EBC, you may highlight
about your unique value points required for consumers, who intend to know why they
should acquire any particular product.
 Helps in SEO Ranks
Enhanced Brand Content lets you to create modules with value points and pictures, which
you may use to include keywords, which will later on come at the top in the available
search results.
Amazon Brand Licensing
Brand licensing refers to leasing or renting of any intangible asset. This involves a
procedure of creating as well as managing contracts between the owner of a particular
brand and an individual or a company wants to use it with a product for a particular period
and within a specific territory. Its benefits include-
 To take the first step or maintain online presence in businesses, which have
strategic values but exclude from the financial thresholds or core business of the
 To create awareness about a particular brand and reinforce countless brand values.
 To boost the relationship with already existing customers and boost touch points of