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How to avoid Account Suspension on Marketplaces

Team Seller Drive | 15 May, 2017

Online marketplaces continuously review a seller’s performance to ensure
enhanced customer experience. Getting account suspended, or worse, getting blacklisted
can be an e-tailor’s worst nightmare.
Ways for Preventing an Account Suspension
Here are some important ways for preventing your account being suspended:
Must adhere to marketplace selling guidelines
Avoid selling restricted products and/or prohibited content
Don’t sell counterfeit products
Maintain a low percentage of negative customer feedback.
Work proactively to provide customer support and resolve order related issue
Avoid repeated violation of seller performance policy
These rules need 100% compliance as these marketplaces reserve the right to suspend
your account.
In addition to these rules, you need to maintain performance metrics too.
How to improve Performance–
1) Seller Performance Targets – All sellers should be working toward achieving a level of
customer service that meets the following performance targets:
In case of Amazon-
Order defect rate, Pre-fulfilment cancel rate, Late shipment rate (also known as Late
Dispatch Rate)
In case of Flipkart-
Seller Cancellations Rate, RTD Breach Rate, Reattempts Rate
As such you fail to meet these targets may not necessarily put your Seller Account in
negative standing, but failure to improve these metrics may result in the removal of your
selling privileges.

2) As the customer is a king, therefore, provide timely and helpful customer service.
3) Make sure to pack your products carefully to avoid any kind of damage during
shipment which can promote negative customer reviews.
4) Always ship your orders on time. If at all there is any delay, make sure to keep the
customer informed. You can use Amazon’s partial refund to keep the customer in
confidence by offering a little incentive.
5) Honour genuine returns, you always have an option for raising a dispute for
illegitimate returns.
6) Keep a track on customer ratings and reviews and try to resolve the issue as soon as
possible so to avoid your account being suspended.
7) Make sure you are not breaching the MRP by selling the product at a higher price
than that mentioned on the product’s MRP declaration label.
8) Avoid any kind of promotional materials in your packing material and also in
product content.
9) As a rule, if there is direct customer query for a seller, it should be handled in
minimum possible time, the maximum in a rare case can be 24 hours, best is it to
answer within few hours.
So, if you are a seller or planning to start selling, make sure that you follow
the marketplace guidelines and policies for a sustainable and profitable business.