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How to Sell Your Ecommerce Business for Maximum Value

Team Seller Drive | 17 March, 2017

Building an eCommerce business that you’ve put a lot of time, effort, and sweat equity
into growing, and now you’re looking to sell. Your objective is to get maximum value
and you’re assessing steps to prepare for the sale. There are a multitude of variables to
consider and in this post, we'll cover them all to maximize the price you receive when
The amount a buyer is willing to pay for your eCommerce business will all come down to
one thing, return-on- investment and relative risk. The lower the risk, the higher the
price and vice-versa. With that being said, what really makes your eCommerce business
worth more is mitigating the risk of the business failing in the future by having the
following characteristics associated with your online store:
 Predictable key drivers of new sales
 Stable or growing traffic from diversified sources
 Established suppliers of inventory with backup suppliers in place
 Traffic stats (Google Analytics or other) with a long history
 High percentage of repeat sales
 High percentage of repeat visitors
 Clean legal history
 Brand with no trademark, copyright or legal concerns
 Documented systems and processes
 Growth potential
Selling your eCommerce business can be a difficult decision for many entrepreneurs.
No matter the reason, there are multiple options for you to find a buyer and sell your
business and following the tips in this post will ensure you receive maximum value for
your business.