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Maximize Your Reach to Relevant Audiences with Product Targeting & Amazon Advertising

Shivangi Pandey | 03 November, 2021

            Maximize Your Reach to Relevant Audiences with Product Targeting & Amazon Advertising

Does  E-commerce services and specifically Amazon, taking over the global market?

If we go with numbers, then in 2005, Amazon launched its Prime membership program, which now has over 200 million subscribers globally!

With so many people shopping on Amazon, it does have a lot of data about its customer, their behaviours, and requirements, just like Google and Facebook.

But unlike Google with search data and Facebook with interest levels, Amazon owns the real power of knowing what people are buying. This abundance of ethically obtained data plays a vital role for the sellers when they use Amazon Advertising and, Amazon product advertising is a no-brainer.

What are Amazon Ads?

Similar to Google Search, when you search for a product on the Amazon search box and, results appear, some of the top results are tagged “sponsored” or “ad”, like the image below.

What does 'Sponsored' mean on Amazon?

Amazon sponsored advertising or, amazon sponsored brands are advertisements designed for sellers to promote individual listings or brands and target shoppers looking for a product like yours. This amazon sponsored display ads appear within the search results and product pages.

How to use Amazon Advertising & Target Relevant Customers?

You must have seen television ads and ads in newspapers and magazines. Amazon advertising is the upgrade form of traditional advertisements that targets its customers because it knows what people are buying and how they do it!

Amazon marketing service offers a variety of ways for advertising and reaching potential customers.

There are three main types of ads you can configure through Amazon;


Sponsored Products ads and Sponsored Brand ads allow you to reach customers as they research and discover products. These ads help vendors improve item listings, matching them with items possible customers are already looking at.


Display ads are designed to help you find relevant and right audiences and actionable insights to deliver your message (product) to potential customers on Amazon sites, apps, devices, and third-party sites.


Amazon advertising video allows you to create and tell stories and make connections with your customers. It empowers a relationship between you and your latent customer throughout their decision journeys.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Ads?

So, Amazon is a big platform, with over 100 million users in India alone purchasing over 4.000 Amazon products per minute. And, you must be doubting your ability to make money because of the sheer numbers. Well, Seller Drive is here to clear your doubts!

We are an official Amazon SPN partner and, we are ready to be your companion in your journey of converting the clicks into buys and landing more customers on your product page with amazon ads. Our team of experts can help you expand your customer base with Video Ads, targeting relevant and high volume keywords and using them for keywords bid models.

Especially in this Diwali season and Amazon Great Indian Sale, there is a sea of potential buyers who might be waiting for your product on their screens!