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Raining Offers this Holiday Season- Sellers Alert!

Team Seller Drive | 14 August, 2017

Every one of us knows very well that festivals are of huge significance for human beings.
Whether it is the occasion of Rakshabandhan (Rakhi), the country’s Independence Day, Shri
Krishna Janmashthami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Merry Christmas or New Year, every one
of us wants to celebrate it in a special way.
Especially, business owners want to achieve higher sales during the festive season. Hence,
keeping this view in the mind, the Seller Drive group is providing you with plenty of
exclusive offers, with the help of which you will be able to celebrate your festive
occasion/holiday in the best possible way and grab the opportunity to increase your
customer base, win the competition and thereby, boost your sales drastically.
Offers at a Glance
Festive Hybrid Bundle for 6 months
The seller Drive group provides you a top quality of the Festive Hybrid Bundle Package for
a period of 6 months. Hybrid package, as the name highlights, includes sponsorship-based
advertisements for your online business, checking the health of your account and feedback
drive. In addition, the package has some desirable conditions, as mentioned here-
 Unlimited promotional activities for the offered products
 Creation of new advertisement campaigns with 2 to 3 different ad groups in a month
 Initially, you will be able to send 30 messages in a single day and after that, the
charge will be INR Re.1 per message.
 2000 emails in one month initially and then charges will become 40paise for a single
 The package is now available at only Rs. 30,000 instead of Rs. 48000, which will
allow you to save Rs. 18000.
Joyous Sponsored Advertisements for 6 months
Under this package, you will get the opportunity to perform unlimited numbers of
promotions for your products, get about 2 or 3 ad groups to create any new campaign on a
monthly basis. For this, you have to pay only Rs. 12,000 INR instead of Rs. 15,000.
Jolly Account Health for 6 months
Six month package of Jolly Account Health covers a maximum of 30 messages in a single
day and then will charge only 1rupee for 1message.
Cherry Account Health and Feedback Drive for 6 months

As per the mentioned package, you will be able to send 2,000 emails in one month at free of
cost, while for further numbers, you have to pay 40paise for each single email. In addition,
you will get 30 free message service, while charge of only 1 rupee starting from the 31 st
Merry Feedback Drive for 6 months
According to this Merry Feedback Drive package available on half yearly basis, you may
send maximum 1500 emails in a month without any charge, while require to pay 40p in
advance for more numbers of emails. You may avail this package by paying only Rs. 10,000.
Perky Amazon Payment Reconciliation for 12 months
Owners of any online business buying the yearly package of Perky Amazon Payment
Reconciliation will be able to perform a total of 15,000 transactions for an amount of
Rocking Advanced Optimized Lists/Contents for 6 months
According to the Rocking Advanced Optimized Lists/Contents package, you will be able to
keep 12 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) with only 2 variations.
Setup and Design of Your Shopify Store
Webmasters will use free Shopify Theme for maximum 25 different products and 3