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Riding Over and Above the Wave(s)

Shivangi Pandey | 31 August, 2021

            Riding Over and Above the Wave(s)

2020, the year that triggered the "structural shift" in the shopping behaviour of numerous consumers and sellers pivoting on e-commerce. Since the pandemic began and lockdown lockdowns became the new normal, consumers changed their traditional buying habits and opted for online shopping through websites or applications. This wave of new buyers on digital markets drove many offline businesses to go digital, leading to a surge in e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify. And, if we believe the analysts and multiple reports, this structural shift in consumer shopping traits are here to stay, post-pandemic

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The outbreak compelled the use of new technology tools and non-contact formats to cater to unprecedented demand. But, most of these new sellers were not online savvy or constrained by expertise and time to start or manage their online sales and, this is where we Seller Drive sprung into motion!

Despite the 'returning waves and unflattening curves', we, Amazon SPN Partner & Expert, Seller Drive, came to the rescue by helping hundreds of such new sellers with the e-commerce website development, online strategy, and brand reputation. With thousands of offline retailers coming onboard to leverage digital technology to reach customers' doorstep, we helped them maximize their reach by assisting them to gain new customers through Advertising optimization, Imaging, Cataloguing, and more.


How did we manage to ride 'Above the Wave(s)'?

The answer to this question is adaptability. While the world was trying to figure out an escape from ongoing developments, we were all ready to serve our precious clients (even in the tough time) from our homes. In 2020 alone, we got on board with hundreds of new sellers who were desperately waiting to spread their customer base through e-commerce services and platforms. Being an official Amazon Seller Services Provider, we welcomed our new clients and offered them the key to the glorious world of digital selling and marketing.

At Seller Drive, we believe in widely maximizing your e-commerce growth, sales, and brand reputation, despite the unfavourable circumstances. Our team of eCommerce Assistants are skilled in various aspects of eCommerce selling, such as for photoshoots, editing, creating rich product descriptions, website development, creating Shopify accounts, or Amazon Seller accounts and more. With our team of experts, we have helped and will help many new sellers to build their brand and keep them top of their league.


Post-pandemic, with crores of customers and thousands of sellers, India is on the verge of becoming the magnanimous online marketplace in the world. And, we, Seller Drive, are here to pave the way for new sellers looking forward to jumping start before it's too late!