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Seller Drive- The New Year Proactive Approach!

Shivangi Pandey | 21 January, 2019

            Seller Drive- The New Year Proactive Approach!

New Year has started and its time to wind up the old calendars. With the approach of New Year, I am sure everyone of us are approaching to achieve new horizons. We at Seller Drive wish you a great success and flourished business this new year! However, everyone of us had a mixed experiences with the ecommerce website business, sales and customers. Last year was another benchmark for Seller Drive, after an inclined graph.. And we were back with the great achievements.

We are thankful to all those who believed in us and became a part of our accomplishments with Ecommerce solutions, especially our Clients, our partners and our entire team. When we look back, we find there are so many well-wishers, hard workers and motivators that had witnessed our success graph. No doubt, our success results in our clients progress too and with the coming days we will set more such benchmarks. We wish our proud team for their effort and affection as Amazon Service provider. Cheers to our achievement with Amazon- ’Seller Reinstatement” Award!

As my mission this year..  I, Shivangi Pandey reconnecting to Seller Drive as Social Media Manager. With my full dedication and excitement with the expert team, we will penetrate deeper into the Ecommerce sectors in India. We are aimed to touch each and every seller who is planning to enter the online marketing and those who need assistance to Ecommerce services. We will be more available on our social channels to shoot Seller’s query and to be readily accessible for new approached and e commerce for service business. In parallel to our existing skills, we make sure to research and practice new Ecommerce trends and tools. To make seller aware with market updates, latest trends and Ecommerce news, we will be actively posting fresh and consist posts on our social channels.

We welcome the amateur sellers to join hand with us for advance tools and set ups needed  to create online store. Not only to ecommerce website in India, we are aiming to penetrate the Ecommerce market in US, UK and Singapore in coming two years. The heart of businesses lies in their customers, keeping this in mind, we will work with the sellers to strengthen their relation with their customers. To simply the seller’s job, we as an official partner of Amazon and Shopify, provides an array of services pertaining to Amazon new account, products images, videos, seller central, listing, advertising, amazon seller app and many more. For better customer response, time saving operations and ease to manage business, we help you with Shopify Store builder, Shopify mobile app and its operation.

We learnt a lot over the past years , and with every year we will be more focused towards retaining our customers. We set our focus to serve the sellers with quality and knowledge, being smart is common, we believe in becoming wise. Our approaches have change from quantity to quality. For Us, every client is precious and rather having so many at random, we believe in keeping quality one for lifetime!

In our Founders words: They believed to maintain great communication with Clients in terms of their services, sales and customers. They strongly teach the team to be wisely involved with the sale operations and customer responses. For him every business is a child that need to be nurtured with patience, alerts and deep emotions. His target is not only to maximize sales but also to manage technically and save time, with the use of available tools and systems.

At Seller Drive, we turn our seller towards the active use to communication systems, reports and data. Making the Ecommerce business tool centric and system oriented, not only saves the time but also allow the sellers to take better business decision with the latest trends. This New Year, we like to make our clients a wise seller. As we know that buyers are becoming smart with apps, tools and systems, our resolution is becoming wiser by pre-offering them with their wish list. Last but not the least, Have a great year ahead and feel free to connect, we love to hear from you!