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Sellers! Be a part of Amazon Lightening Deals

Team Seller Drive | 09 October, 2017

Lightning Deal introduced Amazon Group refers to a time-bound and a promotional offer,
in which a particular product featured for many hours on the Deals page of the Amazon. In
this way, when customers shop online, they often explore a variety of promotional offers.
However, in order to keep a promo effective-
 Customers should possess a good knowledge about it
 Promotion should essentially provide favorable values to influence the choices
made by customers in a positive manner.
Eligibility Criteria for Lightning Deals
Amazon has set specific criteria, which sellers have to fulfill to be the part of the Lightning
Deals, so that Amazon customers may receive the pleasant shopping experience. Customers
love the Lightning Deals, which come with exceptional values and the Amazon Group limits
the approval to only such deals, which meet the following specific criteria-
 Star Rating of Products
To make sure about featuring the best products in the Lightning Deals, sellers should
essentially meet with the minimum rating requirements. Deal recommendations depend on
the total numbers of available reviews and an overall rating of products. In simple words,
products with low rates often disqualify to be the part of the Lightning Deals.
 Variation Availability
Whenever sellers go to apply for creating a Lightning Deal for any of the products available
in different variations, they should definitely include a large number of variations as
possible in the deal. In general, Amazon will reject all the proposed Lightning Deals, which
have less than 80 percent of the variations in the product, where variation may be
according to style, color and size. In the process of creating deal, you will get information in
case of the requirement of additional variations.
 Eligibility of Products
Products belonging to specific categories and product collections, particularly, which are
offensive ones, are ineligible to be the part of Lightning Deals.
 Fulfillment
Lightning Deals in general should compulsorily be Prime eligible. For instance, sellers have
to fulfill either of the MFN Prime or FBA requirements.

Creation of a Lightning Deal
Sellers want to create Lightning Deals should visit the Advertising drop-down menu and
then click on the Lightning Deals followed by the option to Create. You may select from the
top deal recommendations available on the Create page. Here, recommendations for the
deal depend on different factors, which include customer browsing trends and sales trends.
After you identify particular product/products, which you want to include in the Lightning
Deal, you have to edit the deal parameters, as follows-
 Quantity of a Deal
You should use the least possible recommended unit quantity for any proposed deal price
or boost the exact quantity of the deal to allow for the availability of more number of units.
You should make sure to provide the proposed quantity of the deal at least before 7 days of
the data before scheduling of the deal to operate. In this situation, if you fail to keep
adequate inventory by the time, Amazon will cancel your proposed deal.
 Price of a Deal
You should use the highest allowable price of a deal or may choose to reduce the price of
the deal, so that you may easily increase the overall attractiveness associated with the
proposed deal.
 Image of a Deal
Here, you may opt to use the already existing ASIN image or simply change it to an
alternative one.
 Schedule of a Deal
Amazon occasionally operates merchandizing campaign on its Deal Days, such as Cyber
Monday or Prime Day. Hence, you should choose any available Deal Day for the proposed
Lightning Deal of simply choose a particular calendar week.
In case of choosing the latter option, Amazon notifies both time and date associated with a
particular deal to schedule to operate it within a period of 2 weeks of any proposed week of
the deal. Lightning Deals usually run for about 4 or 6 hours, according to the Amazon.
After you complete with the selection of required deal parameters, you should click on the
Submit option for the submission of your deal to review it.
How Lightning Deals are Beneficial for Sellers
Lightning Deals will give many significant benefits to sellers. These include-

1. Higher Visibility
Products listed under Lightning Deals appear on the frequently visited pages of Amazon. In
this way, it helps in boosting the visibility and thereby, creates chances to increase the
number of sales. In addition, it helps in flagging of the deal within the various Amazon
search results.
2. Halo Effect
Lightning Deals offered by the Amazon Group help in driving additional product discovery
and at the same time, increase sales not only at the time, but also after the completion of
the deal.
3. Clears Out the Overstocked Inventories
Lightning Deals help sellers in selling of their stagnant, overstocked and seasonal products,
which reduce down the storage fees on a long-term basis.