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What Is The Amazon FBA Program All About?

Team Seller Drive | 25 September, 2017

Amazon Group has recently come up with the innovative FBA i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon
program with the objective to help you in increasing the online sales by simply providing
the required access to the Amazon’s excellent fulfillment resources, free and fast delivery
options for the products as well as acclaimed and trustworthy customer service.
You only have to send the products to the fulfillment center of Amazon and it will store the
respective inventory, choose, pack and transfer/ship orders across the different regions of
India and simultaneously, provide an outstanding customer service.
How FBA Program is Beneficial for Online Sellers
Stores the Inventory and Cares Shipping
With the help of the innovative FBA program, Amazon stores the inventory and take proper
care of shipping activities on behalf of online sellers to their customers. In this way,
businesses only require to focus on their respective business activities.
Build Trust
Based on outstanding shipping, packaging, returns and customer services, your customers
will develop a huge trust and gives tons of benefits to your brand.
Offers Flexible Rate Structure
Fulfillment by Amazon offers a flexible rate structure to its online sellers, because of which
you only have to make payment of the services, which you only use without any additional
subscription fees, start-up fees and minimum units.
Support to Customer Service and Return of Products
With the help of FBA program, Amazon provides support to both customer service and
return of products sold via In this way, the offered products become eligible for
options related to free delivery with the help of Amazon. In addition, you may opt to send
your various products to the fulfillment centers of Amazon with the help of its well-trained
transporters involved in picking up your products right from the doorstep.
Cash on Delivery Pay Options
With the help of cash on delivery used extensively in different regions of India, customers
of various online sellers may fulfill the placed orders with the help of Cash on Delivery
facility via the FBA program.
Amazon Prime Offer

Lastly, the FBA program offers sellers with ultimate free two-day or one-day delivery
options with the help of Amazon Prime. This facility further assures improvement in the
shopping experience of customers leading to an improved customer demand and brand
Therefore, with the help of FBA program, online sellers may store the products in the
fulfillment centers provided by the Amazon Group and thereby, leave everything related to
picking, packing, delivery, customer service, support and product reurns on the Amazon e-
commerce platform. The best thing about the FBA program is that it helps in scaling of the
business and approach a large number of customers both countrywide and worldwide.