Brand Protection on Amazon

Brand Protection on Amazon:
Unauthorised sellers selling your product?
Other sellers selling your product on lower price?
Sellers are confirmed by manufacture they are not authorised to sale still selling on Amazon?
Sellers using your products images to create their catalogue?
Sellers using your content/brand etc to create their catalogue?
Your product listed by other seller your different UPC code?
Does other seller logo matches with your patent?
Do you find seller selling duplicate products?
Have your design copied and selling in their brand name?
Is warranty got compromise by 3P seller?

If you have answer for above “Yes” then certainly you must Protect your Brand on Amazon!

Who are the eligible Sellers?
Sellers who hold government authorise Trademark certificate!
Exclusive right to Sellers by manufacture to sale online!
Any kind of exclusive right with brand authorisation!

What we can do for you?
We provide turnkey Do-for-You (DfY) services that drive growth and protect your brand.
We apply a comprehensive approach & perform a brand audit to better understand the everyday challenges your brand facing and dig more deeper to answer why and how, our Amazon Search n Rescue Experts formulate and execute a strategy which will certainly give the results which is expected by you.

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Protect My Brand on Amazon

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