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Strategic and Proactive Methods to Protect your Amazon Listings and Brand

Stealing the BUY BOX is the major threat that is faced by Amazon Sellers on a constant basis; majorly from those products that do not match your listings. Immoral sellers take advantage of the easy catalog system provided by Amazon stealing your catalog hard work, intellectual property, etc.

Now the main problem comes in when you connect Amazon for removing such counterfeit products- as expected, we get an automated response to test buying the counterfeit products that do not match the listing. Here, our team does the magic and will let you sidestep this requirement by getting these counterfeit products removed. Just be relaxed and make your listings clear of unauthorized sellers who can destroy your product’s reputation and efforts.

Hiring an expert company has its own benefits as it's not always necessary to go for a “test buy” that is suggested by Amazon most of the time. This really needs your attention and seriousness that will surely enhance as you are taking our assistance on the matter.

Please connect us with your Amazon Seller Name, ASIN(s) and your counterfeiter details. Let’s work together in order to save your product listing from counterfeiters!