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Amazon Reimbursements(Safe-t claims)

Do you know that If your product gets damaged during transit or storage, you can file a claim?
Yes you can, this called Seller Assurance for eCommerce Transactions ( Safe-t )

Amazon Reimbursements(Safe-t claims) Package Included:
1.Download the refund report
2.Requirement: Physical return sheet from seller end.
3.Compare all refund report order id with physical return sheet.
4.Need to file a Safe-t claim for that order id which is not matched with our Physical return sheet.
5.Very Important, need to represent Safe-t claim within 7 days.
6. Give the status weekly to the seller.

What is Safe-t claim policy?
This policy of very useful for every seller to claim losses which incurred due to 
Easy Ship Transit ( package lost, outer packaging broken, damaged )
Buyer ( product damaged by buyer, different product received in return etc.)

Seller Drive Team, will assist and take care this whole process on your behalf, we expect timely revert on every requirement raised by us or Amazon for a successful claim amount.

Kindly note, for bigger merchant accounts where claims etc numbers are quite higher, we have dynamic price model which goes ( 6-8 %) basis on the reimbursed amount.