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Consolidated Business Report (Amazon)

Consolidated Business Report (Amazon)-Package Included:
Do you want to know your week by week sales?
Do you know your monthly revenue?
Do you know your ads spend against sales?
Want to know your successful/unsuccessful keywords?
How many are repeated customers on your account?
Products wise sales?
Want to know sales coming from Coupon code/Deals?
Breakup of FBA fees, Amazon Commission and Other charges?
FBA Long term Fees and how you can save it?
Inventory report and planning?

If All Yes, consider this package is suitable for you! 

What we will provide:
We provide a detail report which showcase your sales revenue, Ads spend, Ads Sales, Customer data new vs repeat customer, keywords search report, and many other features.
Every week we will provide you the best performing products and low performing products, we going to also provide the inventory planning report. 

Seller use these infomercial reports to plan for future growth and strategies.

Key Features:

  • Business reports
  • Advertisement reports
  • Customer report
  • Keywords reports
  • Products wise sales reports
  • Inventory report
  • FBA reports
  • Payment Reconciliation 
  • Detailed report of Amazon fees, commission, with returns. (Monthly)

    Kindly note, charges included upto 2000 orders per month, above 2000 order will charge 1.5 NR / Order. (min value 500 INR)