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Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization Package Included:

Optimization of up to 5 products for organic search and retain the attention of both the visitors and customers!

  • Title:Will optimize product title 
  • Descriptions: We write descriptions to highlight your product's most appealing features and give the customer the right details to make a buying decision. Descriptions contain strategically placed SEO-friendly keywords to draw organic search traffic.
  • Product Feature bullets: Well-written bullets are easy to view, easy to comprehend and aid the customer in their search for that perfect product. We design feature bullets to inform, convince, and aid the sales process. Every bullet has the conversion goal in mind.
  • Product Specifications: Accurate specifications speak to the unique attributes associated with a product. Seller Drive can help gather and normalize specifications for your catalog.
  • Update Existing Content: No need to throw out your previous hard work. Seller Drive can take your existing product copy and repurpose it. Our team will enhance, standardize, and make it more SEO attractive. We can ensure that existing and new product content is consistent with style and appearance.


By purchasing this package, you acknowledge that 'Seller Drive' does not make any warranty or guarantee as to whether your listing will be LIVE in the marketplaces on a certain duration; as the final decision is on 'Marketplaces' and hereby we do not take responsibility for the same. Additionally, if ‘Seller Drive’ completes the products content/listing and the ‘Marketplace’ rejects the listing due to certain reasons related to company’s documents, product authenticity or other seller account related issues; then 'Seller Drive' will not be liable to issue any kind of refund or replacement of services for the work already completed.

* Seller should provide all the products details such as MRP, Sell Price, Raw images, Quantity and all relevant detailed information of product in EXCEL file format

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