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Product Videos

Product Videos Package Included:

We create unique, customised videos for all types of products and services. Our experience includes product videos, instructional videos, explanatory videos and product demos.

Most importantly, Seller Drive knows how an effective video can provide the breadth of detail customers want before making significant purchase decisions.

Adding Videos to Product Listings:

Product videos, if done correctly, help buyers make a more informed buying decision, increase conversions and ultimately increase sales. They can explain features that are not possible in product images alone and inspire consumers to believe in the product and make a purchase.

Important Note:

One thing to note is that when creating these videos, you must adhere to some basic guidelines. These include using no URLs, promotional offers or inappropriate content. The video may only link to relevant ASINs, not competitor’s products. They also must be of high quality, as you might guess. Amazon has strict video quality requirements and will deny videos that do not have proper content, sound or resolution.

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